BIO: My earliest musical influences were hymns, classical music, classic country, and folk/campfire music.  The Everly Brothers, Peter Paul and Mary, Charlie Daniels, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers were generally featured on the stereo in my childhood home. My parents gave me the gift of harmony.  They liked to whistle together while driving.  My Dad played the trumpet in church, and my Mom used to sing alto in an a cappella group, and was a singer in our church choir.  I grew up playing classical and ragtime piano, all at an early age.  Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, Joplin.  In high school I played baritone horn (of all things) in the jazz band and started listening to Prog music like Yes, Genesis, and ELP.  I also discovered classic rock and hard rock, as well as 60s and 70s folk music.  My dream at that time was to learn to sing harmony like David Crosby or Art Garfunkel.   In college I joined a bluegrass band, playing bass and singing the high harmony.  I also began learning guitar and writing my own songs.  Nowadays I delve into anything that makes my ears perk up.  Flaming Lips, Mac Demarco, Half-Moon Run, My Morning Jacket, The Hives, Tame Impala, Devendra Banhart, and on and on.  I live in Alexandria VA, where I write and record incessantly in my home studio. My approach is to put a sparkle around the mundane.  My philosophy on creating music is best stated by Wynton Marsalis: “If it sounds good, it’s good music.”    

Hope you enjoy my sounds.  

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